It’s time to talk about content. I live in the world of content creation. I write search optimized niche articles that leverage the symbiotic relationship between human readers and robot crawlers. This is a long-term play.

Content on Google takes months to rank, and only then will you know if…

I actually want to call this my ‘mission’ page I think. But maybe not, because Google might recognize that as established authority. OR I could make it my about page in the URL Slug and change it in the navigation link.

Let’s answer some of the most basic questions people…

We are moving along quite nicely now. Let me show you an update of some of the things we have gotten done so far, and then we’ll get to choosing:

  • Select the main keyword
  • Article Length
  • Article Type
  • Article Title
  • Purpose (build links, referral, answer a question.)

That is essentially…

Matthew Edward

Current journey: 100 days documenting a niche site build in public. A progress log. PLOG?

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