Day 7: Designing & Building Your Niche Site

Matthew Edward
7 min readDec 13, 2020

This is a unique one because I wanted to do something totally different. So I recorder my screen for five hours and then condensed it down thirty-nine seconds.

Let’s start building and designing the website. I will say this, once you do this once on Elementor. You can build all the templates and export them to use for other sites. You can keep the same layout, you just need to change the colours and branding and content and you’re good to go.

This is extremely scalable if you have the means to either write yourself, or outsource your writers.

Many people wont launch their site because they’ll be busy tweaking design elements for 6-months before writing a blog post or review. You may get caught up trying to make it look PERFECT.

I would like to help with this train of thinking. Try not to set expectations too high when starting out. Set an intention to follow-through on the process.

The Taste Gap

Likely, you are getting into this because you have some creative spirit in your body. Usually that means, like me, you have good taste in design and quality. That doesn’t mean you can emulate that in your own work………YET.

And that’s the same for me and many others as well. But don’t let this discourage you. The more time you put in, the more that taste gap will close and you’ll be making things you and other people love.

Good Design

This will enhance the audience experience, but it won’t be the only reason people stick around on your blog.

Well thought out, formatted, researched and written with intent will always drown-out a poor design.

So the idea to this for me is to get the site up as quickly as possible, with good speed, structure and formatting. The high-quality design will come later after I get more content done.

I’m going to try and use Loom to record my screen during the entire building process so you can watch a timelapse of the process here. I will attempt this now. And you can see it right below here if I’m successful. If not, have fun with more reading haha.

Well it’s been 5-hours and I’m done with making most of the templates of the site. — and you can see the colours I decided to go with pretty quickly.

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