Day 6: Pick Your Platform Wisely

Matthew Edward
3 min readDec 12, 2020

Quick story.

I created a tiny niche site on Squarespace like 3 years ago, before I knew anything about anything really. I will say that it did very well for me as I started to write and grow.

But something happened. I couldn’t do any of the things I was learning to do. Like adding certain plugins to capture more leads, having them designed properly, SEO optimizations, URL optimizations, speed and the list goes on.

When I switched to Wordpress I was lost. So. Incredibly. Lost.

But I got comfortable over time to switch platforms, and it was the best decision I ever made. I made everything better, I started making money from my blog even though the traffic went down slightly from the changes.

This was an insane process. Switching from Squarespace to Wordpress is no simple task. And there is even less documentation supporting how to do it properly. Trust me, I messed it up. Just do your research for the goals of your site. Be very intentional in choosing where you build your website.

Where Am I Going To Build This Site?

My pick for this website is going to be Bluehost for hosting + Wordpress platform for website building + Astra Theme for more customization + Elementor Pro as the drag and drop builder for design.

Why Select This As My Platform Of Choice?

Because Bluehost has great support, it’s inexpensive on a budget. Wordpress has the most plugins available, which makes it extremely customizable. It also allows access to some of the best software plugins on the web. If something new comes out, you better believe it will be available on Wordpress. Astra theme because it’s free and keeps up-to-date (not as important), Elementor Pro because it’s intuitive, fairly easy to use, and I have experience there.

Are There Any Other Decent Options Out There?

Yes. There are many. And some of them are really awesome. They might even work better for you.


There are other options out there, such as WebFlow, which is a website builder that is doing awesome things. I have taken the full course on WF and i feel like it’s really close to usable for a blog owner who doesn’t have CSS skills. But there are things like SEO tools which are more difficult to hookup…

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