Day 5: Blog Branding — Colours, Fonts & Logos

Matthew Edward
4 min readDec 11, 2020

Probably one of my favourite parts of the process. I have branded multiple websites at this point and this should be a fairly quick step…

…haha think again! I like to REALLY dig in and try to make it as unique and aesthetically pleasing as possible.

In a world where we have very few seconds to capture the readers attention, consistent branding and design are now the expectation, not the exception.

Branding Checklist

  1. Select 3 typefaces(fonts). Headings & Titles, body & paragraphs, and a special one for contrast when designing ☺
  2. Full palette of 5 colours for the brand. Primary, secondary, accent, text, white.
  3. Just a nice simple logo / potentially using the special typeface.

I want this blog/community to be a place people recognize as an authoritative resource for no-code information and resources. That being said I don’t want it to be boring either, it needs to attract an audience of people aren’t techy as well. Because the idea is that ANYONE can make an app, tool or piece of custom software without having to learn code.

Pro tip: Don’t know photoshop or illustrator? Check out Canva — you’re welcome.

Since medium is so pleasant for me to read, I think I will use similar fonts combos and font sizes. It’s kind of like stealing, however I feel like Medium already did a ton of research on how to make the reading experience more enjoyable, so why wouldn’t I piggy back off of their successes.

Font Pairing:

Headings — KievitOT Bold

Sub-Headings — KievitOT Bold

Body text — Charter

I really do like the combinations of these fonts. I also need to make sure I jot down the font size of each as well. This is important, because it effects your readers ability to scan and easily find the information they’re looking for. These fonts make for a great contrast.

Brand Colours:

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