How To Pick A Niche And Setup The Most Basic, Functional Shopify Drop Shipping Store On The Planet — In 10 Steps

Aim To Finish Challenge (+3/100XP)

Matthew Edward
7 min readApr 6, 2018


Underneath all this ‘Aim To Finish Challenge’ stuff is the steps I just took to build a functional Shopify drop shipping store that can potentially make me money.. right now. Even though I just made it and haven’t made a sale yet… it’s an asset now. That’s part of the Aim To Finish Challenge. So just skip down to step 1 if you aren’t interested in this stuff.

For anyone who is doing this with me.. (Crickets lol) What are we doing?


Wow. So insightful, right? Working our way to finishing 100 projects/assets that can help us build the future of freedom we have always held ourselves back from. That’s the goal.

If you’re like me than you’re a wantrepreneur who has 1000 ideas but never follows through or FINISHES any of them. Maybe we started 50 things… but we got hung up on the tiny details. Perfectionists unite. Let’s try a different approach.

Finish stuff. It might suck, look like shit, you might even hate it. BUT, is it functional? Does it DO what it is intended to DO. Regardless of design, quality, speed, shipping times, crappy writing :), telling yourself no-one will care, no-one will buy this or read this, terrible video quality, shitty logo…The list goes on and on and on and on.. it never ends. So let’s stahhhhppppp.

Write down these 3 things:

  1. List of your ideas, unfinished projects, potential money makers or just things you want to complete. Maybe like 5–10 of them. You just keep adding down the road as you think of them.

2. Place an (INCOMPLETE) or (STARTED) or (COMPLETE) next to that task.

3. In the style of RPG video games I track it by XP (experience points). I write +1XP next to the Completed tasks. Working my way to 100XP. Ooo I wish I had a fancy loading bar graphic.


Setup a Shopify Dropshipping store for bald men’s fashion. (COMPLETE) +1XP

Write a blog post about Bald Men’s Fashion. (INCOMPLETE)



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