Explode Your Web traffic with Pinterest Marketing in a Couple Steps.

Matthew Edward
3 min readMay 14, 2019

Pinterest can explode your blog or website traffic quickly. For me it was a great way to increase traffic by 20% in less than a 3 months.

It's tedious to implement, but there is a formulaic approach I followed to get this traffic to my website from Pinterest.

If you want someone to just do it for you after you read this, message me.

First of all, change to a business profile. This only takes 3-4 minutes or so. You get access to analytics you will need down the road.

If you are a business, its okay to use your business name compared to a personal brand name. It is expected now. So it's fine.

Pinterest Profile For Business

As a business, your profile pic should generally be your logo. Unless you are a personal brand. But logos work just fine, contradictory to previous assumptions.

Keywords are what makes Pinterest work. Kind of like Google. Words that people search for and type into the search bar related to your niche.

So for example if your business is a Pinterest Marketing Freelancer. You would stuff your description with the keywords related to your biz.

Pinterest Marketing
Pinterest Traffic
Pinterest growth

Pinterest Board Setup

Use the keywords from search bar to come up with 10 boards names.

Aim for 10 boards that match up with your type of content and/or products your promoting.

Your board names should be hyper specific to search keyword.

“Pinterest Marketing tips for bloggers”

“Pinterest tips”

Go to the search bar. And you can start typing your keywords and autocomplete will suggest good ones.

If nothing comes up then you should select a different name for your board.

Dont worry about “sections” yet.

You don't need to make your own covers for the boards. That's just extra work.

Fill board content with a combination of your content and other people contents. BUT! Pinterest likes YOUR content better than other people's.

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