Day 12/100: Setting Up The Writing Pipeline

Matthew Edward
6 min readDec 18, 2020

Alright. Time to settle. I have been on the go the last few days and accomplished a lot. But it’s time to re-evaluate our plan, because over the last 11 days things have changed. Like the way I want to set up the site structure, and the way I use A.I tools to build the content briefing.

So we are not derailed. I just want to pivot and add more steps so we don’t run out of work to do. It seems I underestimated my ability to perform these tasks everyday. We are almost doubling the speed in which I wanted to have this done.

Today, I hired out a writer to piece together 4000 words for a “Zapier Review” article that I will put through Surfer SEO and Frase afterwards. I plan on getting a lot of these long review style posts outsourced, because it can be repeated words just using the top search engine results pages.

Re-Evaluation & New Niche Site Plan Starting Day 12

What needs to get done next?

Write and/or outsource 10 pieces of completed content. Approximately 20–30k words.

This step alone is going to take the majority of my time. Though I think it would be super valuable if I showed you what I plan on doing with that content that I get outsourced. I don’t just upload it to Wordpress and call it a day, oh no. We optimize for SEO and user-intent. We are carefully choosing internal links that compliment each other. So without the actual writing or outsourcing of the content, we will do some things in the meantime. Which means fixing certain things and tweaking design elements we may have overlooked during the initial setup.

  1. About page written
  2. Run all content through Frase and Surfer SEO
  3. Run all content through Frase and Surfer SEO
  4. Run all content through Frase and Surfer SEO
  5. Edit all documents and add relevant links.
  6. Add video and images.
  7. SEO Optimize Title, meta, alt tags, call to action and more.
  8. Fix all links in footer, header and home page.
  9. Optimize image sizes for all pages.



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