Day 12/100: Setting Up The Writing Pipeline

Matthew Edward
6 min readDec 18, 2020

Alright. Time to settle. I have been on the go the last few days and accomplished a lot. But it’s time to re-evaluate our plan, because over the last 11 days things have changed. Like the way I want to set up the site structure, and the way I use A.I tools to build the content briefing.

So we are not derailed. I just want to pivot and add more steps so we don’t run out of work to do. It seems I underestimated my ability to perform these tasks everyday. We are almost doubling the speed in which I wanted to have this done.

Today, I hired out a writer to piece together 4000 words for a “Zapier Review” article that I will put through Surfer SEO and Frase afterwards. I plan on getting a lot of these long review style posts outsourced, because it can be repeated words just using the top search engine results pages.

Re-Evaluation & New Niche Site Plan Starting Day 12

What needs to get done next?

Write and/or outsource 10 pieces of completed content. Approximately 20–30k words.

This step alone is going to take the majority of my time. Though I think it would be super valuable if I showed you what I plan on doing with that content that I get outsourced. I don’t…



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