Day 10/100: Basic SEO Setup & How Images Can Crush Your Site Speed

Matthew Edward
4 min readDec 16, 2020

Ooo one of my favourite areas of study goes into search engine optimization (SEO). How can I break this down into a sequence of steps that are quantifiable?

  • SEO plugin because they are extremely helpful.
  • Plugin setup. Sitemap, breadcrumbs and more.
  • Image optimization plugin from the start to maximize site speed.
  • Google Analytics connected.
  • Google Search Console connected.
  • SEMrush connected.
  • Cloudflare connected.
  • Site titles, descriptions and base settings SEO optimized for “no code” and “no code app builder”.

RankMath SEO Plugin

What a helpful plugin. This will save you a lot of time and headache getting your SEO settings setup. It’s free or there’s a paid version — and honestly the free version is awesome. If you get the pro version then RankMath will actually track and show you analytics data. But the free version has a step-by-step analytics setup that will connect everything you need.

The main reason to setup an SEO plugin is to have the sitemap done for you. Which is essentially a large page of text links that contains all of your content in a list style within…



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