It’s time to talk about content. I live in the world of content creation. I write search optimized niche articles that leverage the symbiotic relationship between human readers and robot crawlers. This is a long-term play.

Content on Google takes months to rank, and only then will you know if…

Hiring an expert in another field to do some work for you is easy. Receiving quality work from the said expert is hard. Fiverr is a marketplace for freelancers to provide services for paying customers. You can get writing done, music mastered and apps developed. It all seems so promising.

I actually want to call this my ‘mission’ page I think. But maybe not, because Google might recognize that as established authority. OR I could make it my about page in the URL Slug and change it in the navigation link.

Let’s answer some of the most basic questions people…

Alright. Time to settle. I have been on the go the last few days and accomplished a lot. But it’s time to re-evaluate our plan, because over the last 11 days things have changed. Like the way I want to set up the site structure, and the way I use…

We are moving along quite nicely now. Let me show you an update of some of the things we have gotten done so far, and then we’ll get to choosing:

  • Select the main keyword
  • Article Length
  • Article Type
  • Article Title
  • Purpose (build links, referral, answer a question.)

That is essentially…

Ooo one of my favourite areas of study goes into search engine optimization (SEO). How can I break this down into a sequence of steps that are quantifiable?

  • SEO plugin because they are extremely helpful.
  • Plugin setup. Sitemap, breadcrumbs and more.
  • Image optimization plugin from the start to maximize site…

I said this about writing and working on my niche site today.


As a creator, it’s part of my job to work on this. It’s part of my intention to push through when it’s difficult. When I feel like Atlas and the weight of the world is crippling. Like…


I want to start today by talking about something very important to me, indecisiveness. I’ve had my battles with being indecisive, I still do. However, I’m now aware of this in my mind. And so I’m able to change my state of mind and attack the problem head on…

This is a unique one because I wanted to do something totally different. So I recorder my screen for five hours and then condensed it down thirty-nine seconds.

Let’s start building and designing the website. I will say this, once you do this once on Elementor. You can build all…

Quick story.

I created a tiny niche site on Squarespace like 3 years ago, before I knew anything about anything really. I will say that it did very well for me as I started to write and grow.

But something happened. I couldn’t do any of the things I was…

Matthew Edward

Current journey: 100 days documenting a niche site build in public. A progress log. PLOG?

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